Invasion of the Cephalopods

So, my downstairs is floored with very slick wood. Thus, given my tendency to trip over shadows, my crutches have large silicon grippy things on the bottom. Also, the crutches are sort of creaky. Thus, my perambulations about the house sound like a large, arthritic cephalopod has broken free of the briny deep and is taking over the suburbs.

*creak, creak, mpsmok, msmpok, creak*

Hee! I’m the pod people!

Recovery is going well. Thanks to everyone who wrote and called! I’ve been able to spend a lot of time working on the new Soapy Hollow. It’s exciting, I may be able to roll it out for beta/stress testing in the next week. Just a reminder, if you want to be on the test team, send me a message. Free soap for bug finders! Whee!

Boy has been home sick for the past couple of days, and he’s developed a serious love for the game Burnout3. I’m sort of embarrassed that my 4 year old can kick my butt at a video game. I just keep telling myself it’s because I’m taking narcotics. Yeah. It’s the drugs. That’s my story. Hee.

And now back to hammering on SQL in between crashing race cars and sounding like an escaped octopus. I hope life is going smoothly and sucker free for everyone!

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