Whee! Recovery and other updates

So, they took the vast majority of cast type stuff off me today. I’m still supposed to wear the funky walking boot if I’m going to spend much time on my feet, but I’m allowed 1 hour a day of tennis shoes. Hooray! (I know…who knew you could be excited about tennis shoes?)

So, this weekend, we’re going to get a bunch of dirt and stuff, because next weekend, Paul of The Esoteric Science Resource Center has volunteered to come help us put in our new veggie gardens, and move the Killer Attack Rose of Evil Doom. Seriously, that rose lives on human blood, so I’ve decided to put it out by the fence where idiots who climb around our fence to get to Boy’s fishing spot will now have to contend with KARED as well as the weeping willows. (There’s two perfectly good parks where they can fish, they don’t need to climb into my yard where *I’m* liable if they fall in and drown.)

So, veggie garden…not sure what I’m going to plant this year. The melons did incredibly well last year, so we’re going to do those again. The squash and zucchini did well at first, but the drought, and bad planning on location killed them before they really gave much fruit. I also think I may plant Loofas. They’re easy to grow, which will make Boy happy, and I’m sure my friends and Soapy Hollow customers would love to have freshly harvested loofas.

I’ve never had much luck with tomatoes, usually the birds get them all, but I may try again. I think it’s too hot here for carrots, so I may do green beans and corn. Corn will make the neighborhood association insane…which, ya know, is an added bonus. Also, sunflowers. Not so much as a crop, but as goodies for the songbirds. Any other suggestions for a backyard that gets insane amounts of full sun for 14 hours a day?

Soap stuff: I can finally start making soap again, now that I’m off crutches. Hooray! Just in time too, I’m running out of some stuff. The new website is almost finished, but I broke the checkout cart, and I can’t really fix it until I go live, because it’s an SSL authentication issue, and I can’t set the certificate to the sandbox without buying an additional cert, and I don’t want to do that. So…I know the cart worked before I set up the security…I’ll just have to pray that it still works *with* the security, I guess. (And go live in the middle of the night, so I can fix any broken stuff before the next day.)

I still need product pictures. I am the suck at product pictures. And you would be astounded, astounded, at what real photographers get paid. I’m not saying they’re not worth it…they are…but a product shoot would cost me double what the company made (gross sales, not even profit) last year…so, that’s out. I’m hoping that the sun will come out tomorrow so I can get some good natural light, and I’m going to try again. I just don’t seem to have any flair for “staging”, ya know?

Time to snuggle with Boy and read “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”, then I think adult snuggle time may be in the plans. Yay for recovery! Whoo!

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