Soapy Hollow Sandbox Ready for Review


The only thing that’s stopping me from going live with the new site is product pictures…which I think I can just add as I take them, rather than holding off the entire development cycle until I can get pictures done.

So, for those of you who wanted to bang around on the new site, please point your browsers towards: .

I’ve turned off many of the checkout cart functions, so that it can be tested. If you want to test the checkout, please use the “email” option, so that you don’t actually go to paypal. When the site goes live, it will capture and process credit cards directly, as well as giving people the option for paypal or googlepay, but because I don’t have ssl certificates for the sandbox, it throws errors if I leave it turned on during the development cycle.

I’d love to get input. Tell me if you think the missing pictures are a “make or break” point, in that I shouldn’t roll until those are ready. Let me know if you find typos, mistakes, or general stupidity. ;)

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