But Maaaaaawm! I’m a space ranger!

Today is picture day at Boy’s school. So, being a Mom, I wanted him to be a little dressed up. I mean, I wasn’t going to make him wear a tie, but I did want him in a button down, at the very least.

So this morning, I call upstairs and remind him that today is picture day, and that I want him to wear a shirt with a collar. He calls back down and says “But Maaaaawhm! Space Rangers suits don’t have collars!”


Me: “No sir, you can’t wear a costume to school.”

Him: “It’s NOT a costume! I’m a real space ranger!”

Me: “Well, sweetie, you can be a real space ranger after you get a degree in astrophysics, but now…I’d like you to put on your clothes and come have breakfast.”

Him: “Okay…but I’m not wearing any underwear.”

Me: “Snerk”

My son, the commando space ranger of preschool doom…

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