A day with Thomas, and Soapy Hollow goes live

Man, Boy, and I spent yesterday with Thomas the Train engine. It was pretty cool. The antique train museum refitted some marvelous old passenger cars so everyone could ride on the train. They had an actual steam engine kitted out like Thomas. The Boy couldn’t have been more excited. Some quick pics can be seen in my Thomas The Train gallery. I have more, but this computer doesn’t have photoshop installed, and trying to work with batches of photos without photoshop is just an exercise in futility and aggravation.

There were people wandering around in character suits, like Bob the Builder and Sir Tophamhat, which was all fine and well, except for the fact that as we were waiting for the train, we realized that they’d left the back of the changing area open to the train loading area, so Boy saw the empty Bob the Builder suit, with a head on the ground. He was a tad concerned at first, but then the train pulled in and he forgot about it.

All in all, it was a fairly fun, albeit crazy expensive, day. More pictures after I find my PS CD. :)

Also, the new Soapy Hollow is now live. Hooray!

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