DeAnne meets the Darwin Awards…

I am apparently subconsciously running for the title of World’s Most Dangerously Clumsy Person. As proof, I give you:

Things I have dropped on my broken foot in the last 48 hours:

  • A 40 pound bag of potting soil. (Not so bad, it’s kinda soft.)
  • An ancient metal can opener. (Ow!)
  • An entire pyramid stack of cans at the grocery store. (What the hell were they thinking? Don’t they know I shop there?)
  • And most recently…a hammer. Yes, a hammer. You know why? Because my son, bless his pointed head, hid the hammer in between two oven mitts, so when I grabbed the mitts to put them in the drawer, the hammer slid out on to my foot.

I’m going to make a pot roast for dinner tonight. The perils inherent therein boggle the mind.

Seriously…World’s Most Dangerously Clumsy Person. I’m mere steps away from a Darwin award, I can feel it.

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