Good night sweet Castor

Castor went into total organ shutdown this afternoon, and the vet did the only thing that could be done to make her passing as painless as possible.

The Boy and I spent much time petting her and talking about death and what it meant. I think he may be handling this better than I am, to be honest. While we were at the vet’s office, Boy looked at the vet and said “Are you going to show Castor where the door to kitty heaven is? Because, she’s old and doesn’t see very well and I don’t want her to get lost on the way.”

I’m having her cremated, and Boy and I are finding a special place for her ashes to go, somewhere where she can still sit in the sun and watch the ducks.

She gave me 21 years of companionship, and now there’s the empty spot where she belongs. Good night kitten, momma loves you.

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