I did it, I did it, oh yeah, yeah, yeah….

Whoo hoo! I got customer registration/order detail storage/ email lists working. Whoo hoo!

Now, Soapy Hollow customers can create an account, if they want to, and the database will store multiple shipping addresses, and and provide easy access to past orders without having to remember order numbers. Nobody has to register to shop there, because why make it hard for people to give you money?…but now regular customers won’t have to enter anything but payment information after they’ve logged in. Whee!

I’ve decided against storing any financial data such as credit card numbers or whatnot. Hackers and their tools are getting more sophisticated each day, there’s no reason to make myself or my customers a target.

Also, now people can sign up for a Soapy Hollow mailing list. Now…I just have to create a Soapy Hollow mailing list so those people actually get some content. ;) I’m figuring it’ll just be announcements about specials, or coupon codes, or something. I dunno. To paraphrase Scarlett: “I’ll think about that tomorrow”, when I don’t have a migraine that’s trying to force my brain out of my head.

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