Boy Quote

So, last week we were driving along, and Boy was reading bumper stickers. And he saw one that said “God is my copilot”, which led to a rather interesting discussion, as explaining theology to a 4 year old is harder than you might think, since they ask questions that you sort of wish that grown ups would ask *before* they profess a belief in something…but I digress.

Tommy has a Cthulhu doll that his UncaJim got him when he was a newborn. He loves Cthulhu. He teethed on the tentacles of doom, doncha know. (My kid, after all.)

So, as he was putting Buzz Lightyear into his spaceship, he grabbed Cthulhu and put him on top of the ship. Then he pronounced: “Cthulhu is my copilot!”

I did, as one might imagine, giggle myself silly.

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