Monthly Archives: May 2007

Get your gray flannel funk on

Although Industrial Musicals and their jaunty odes to corporate pride and brand loyalty have seen the same fate as the values they espoused (mostly), goofily earnest and undeniable catchy tunes like Exxon’s Up Came Oil♫, General Electric’s Make a Woman Out of Your Wife♫, and The Monroe Calculator Company’s 1660 & 65♫ are still as […]

How big is a cubit, anyway?

It’s wet here. How wet? So wet that in the last 30 minutes, the duck pond behind the house has gone up almost 2 feet, and is encroaching on the yard in no uncertain terms. Massive, severe storms moving through the area. But, on the good side, we’re seeing hail, but not tornadoes. So. Yay? […]

Something Awful does Children’s Books

I think most of us can fondly recall a time when we were young, before we outgrew books and the written word, when the fictional tales of fanciful animals and children would inspire us and spark imaginary fires as violent and horrible as any race war. I think most of us also have no idea […]

Boy wisdom

Jewels of memorable Boyspeak today: Boy: I know everything! Me: You do? Wow. How did you learn everything? Boy: I don’t know. Boy (in bath, pouring out a glass of “milk”) Boy: Don’t cry over spilled milk! Me: Boooooo Hoooo! Boy: Cry on, baby! Boy: I want to live in Fraggle Rock Me: You do? […]

What’s in the soap pot today?

Soap batch today: Forbidden Fruit: Pomegranate, Apples and spices. Yum! This is one of my favorite soaps to make because I just love, love, love the smell of Pomegranates. (And far be it from me to decide deep theological issues like which fruit Eve used to tempt silly Adam, ergo, I’ll just use both of […]