Who’s the marketing guru?

Some one on my friends list must be, or must know, some marketing gurus. Also packaging designers would rock.

Soapy Hollow is sort of at the cusp point where I need to either make the commitment to growing it into a full fledged manufacturing company, or I need to scale it way back before my house is subsumed under a mountain of bubbles.

In discussions with major retailers like Sephora, I need provable larger manufacturing capacity. They love the products, but I can’t meet initial order minimums. They also want “more professional” packaging. The style editors at a couple of publications I’ve spoken with also want better packaging/labeling before they’ll consider doing write-ups on the company or the products.

Manufacturing capacity I know how to do, I know where to get the space, and with a little help from the SBA small business clinic, I can write a business plan that I think will interest some venture capital to help make that happen.

But packaging? I’ve got no idea where to go with that. I don’t know the industry, I don’t really know all the various options, I don’t have the design skills, I’m just sort of out of my league there. And marketing? To say that I don’t understand it would be a classic understatement.

So, who’s got recommendations for finding/hiring/qualifying marketing people, packaging people, and perhaps business coach people?

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