Silly time wasters:

Behind the cut, some silly videos, a rant about IP and the Seuss estate, and be sure to check the comments for an even funnier link.

Jonathan Coulton Sings his song Code Monkey:

While on the topic of Jonathan: Baby Got Back

And of course, you can’t do Sir Mixalot without also showing the original:

Tangled up in Seuss: I was going to point y’all at the most amazing thing: Dylan Hears A Who, in case you’d missed it, which was a brilliantly spot on Dylan impersonator reading Dr. Seuss. Unfortunately, the Seuss estate, who was willing to let that Jim Carey abortion of a film go through, served the artist with a cease and desist. Some of the MP3s are still available here. You know the others will show up somewhere. Ah…here we go:
Mind you, I’m a huge Seuss fan. I even ponied up for a portfolio sketch while he was still alive. But we’re talking about works that are over 50 years old, and have made the widow Seuss a fuckload of cash, and they’re sending c&d letters to someone who wasn’t making any money on the project, it was just something fun he did in his basement. For something that you *know* Dr. Seuss himself would have thought was funny? Copyright and IP law in this country is beyond fucked up, I tell you what. (And it’s all so that Disney could protect the Mouse. The only thing more evil than non-creators suing over work they had nothing to do with is Disney. Disney owns eviltm.) Still, I’d like to think that if Dr. Seuss had known what his estate would do with his work, he would have released it from copyright. Because how could Jim Carey be ok, and this homage is not?

See…now I’m all cranky. I was all happy…and now I’m all cranky. There’s only one thing to do: Check the local terror map:

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