Comics fans, show your heart

Comic artist Tom Artis died earlier this month, after a prolonged struggle with diabetes and a stroke. To further complicate things for his wife and two young children, the family house was damaged by a tornado, and then looted, with someone stealing almost all of Tom’s original art. Tom’s many credits included Judge Dredd, Aliens vs. Predator, Justice Society of America, She-Hulk, The Spectre, Green Arrow, and his own creation for DC Comics (with friend and writer Peter Gillis), Tailgunner Jo.

Currently the family doesn’t have the capital to pay for Tom’s funeral, much less repair the house, and get back on their feet after a year of critical care costs. If you happen to find yourself flush with a little extra cash this month, and feel like doing something nice for someone you’ve never met, please consider donating to the:

Tom TC Artis and Family Memorial Fund.
c/o Marine Bank
Attn: Gale Krueger
1401 North Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, IL 62702

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