What’s in the soap pot today?

I’ve been a busy, busy soaper. Yesterday was all about custom traditional bars, cucumber melon jojoba cream scrubs and Neroli bath salts. (I smelled like a summer salad by the end of the day. Hee.)

Today I’m making lots of Spicy Mint. Both because I’m almost completely out of stock, but also because the essential oils are fabulous for clearing up allergy sinus and headache issues. (Always a problem for me in the spring.) The Spicy Mint has Basil, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Spearmint. And it’s a heavily scented soap, so it’ll make my studio (and possibly entire house) smell like a therapy spa for a couple of weeks while it cures. Yum.

Tomorrow I’ve planned new batches of Forbidden Fruit (Pomegranate, Apple and warm spices), and Clove Orange Green Tea. Then, I might be almost caught up.

I still need to come up with what I’m going make my “Summer Special Soap”. I can’t decide between “Bananarama”, which is sort of a banana coconut mango thing, or something really citrus-y like Neroli and Litsea.

Also to do: Order spritzer bottles and find bath bomb packaging solutions so I can get both of those items back in the shop.

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