Boy wisdom

Jewels of memorable Boyspeak today:

Boy: I know everything!
Me: You do? Wow. How did you learn everything?
Boy: I don’t know.

Boy (in bath, pouring out a glass of “milk”)

Boy: Don’t cry over spilled milk!
Me: Boooooo Hoooo!
Boy: Cry on, baby!

Boy: I want to live in Fraggle Rock
Me: You do? I’d rather live above ground with the sun.
Boy: Not me, I’m going to go find the Terrible Tunnel and protect the Fraggles from it.
Me: You are? That’s very brave. How are you going to protect the fraggles from a giant hole?
Boy: I’m going to whack it with a stick, and then it will be nice.
Me: Well, it’s worth a shot, but I think if that would work, someone would have whacked Courtney Love by now.
Boy: ?

Boy: Throwing a willful fit about going to bed which included the words “I’m not going to and YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!”

Man and Me: Rolling on bed laughing. Really, really laughing.

Boy: Stop Laughing! This is serious! I am not going to bed!

Us: Wheeze. stop, seriously, aaaaaaaaaahaaaaahahhahahahahahah!

Boy: I have just about had enough of you two! These are not jokes, people! You need to cut it out. I am being very serious here! Do you need a time out to think about what I’ve said?

Us: Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.

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