How big is a cubit, anyway?

It’s wet here. How wet? So wet that in the last 30 minutes, the duck pond behind the house has gone up almost 2 feet, and is encroaching on the yard in no uncertain terms. Massive, severe storms moving through the area. But, on the good side, we’re seeing hail, but not tornadoes. So. Yay?


Boy is out of school for the summer. This was supposed to be his last week, but we’ve all been sick, so I just kept him home this week. We were going to do a big party on Thursday for his last day, but the school people are being weenies and insisting that I pay a full week’s tuition in order to bring him and a cake in for 2 hours on Thursday. Bugger that for a lark. Fortunately, the baker who is making the cake hadn’t started yet, so I was able to change it from a massive 60 person cake to a small cake with all the same decorations, and we’ll just have some of his friends over instead.

The rain here really has been biblical lately. Even with both of us being sick, Boy and I are starting to get really cranky about not being able to play outside. Stir-crazy. I hope it clears up soon. His swimming lessons start next week, and the forecast is showing thunderstorms.

Dear weather gods, thanks very much for helping us get out of the drought-caused water shortages. However, could you perhaps spread the rain out a little? I think going from not having a duck pond to having a duck pond in my living room might be a little more damp than I’m prepared to manage. Please save some rain for July. Yours truly, DeAnne.

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