Get your gray flannel funk on

Although Industrial Musicals and their jaunty odes to corporate pride and brand loyalty have seen the same fate as the values they espoused (mostly), goofily earnest and undeniable catchy tunes like Exxon’s Up Came Oil, General Electric’s Make a Woman Out of Your Wife, and The Monroe Calculator Company’s 1660 & 65 are still as potent as all get out!

I, for one, welcome my new 1001 electric servants. Want more? Of course you do! Here ya go:

General Electric – Go Fly A Kite
G.E.’s Meter Business Department – MBD, We’re The Best
G. E. Silicone Products Department – Got To Investigate Silicones (Previously)

J.C. Penney Company - Spirit of ’66
Monroe Calculator Company – It’s A Brand New Ball Game
M. C. C. – Opportunity
Continental Assurance Co. Key Club Presents My Insurance Man
American-Standard – The Bathrooms Are Coming!

Goodyear – That’s Show Biz!
Miscellaneous Product Music
Footage of a Chevrolet Sales Convention Musical c. 1955
Up Came Oil: The Music Video, by the Yes Men

IBM’s “Ever Onward, IBM” (warning: Flash).

“Sing men, sing!”

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