In which Boy submerges, we build a better mousetrap, and China puts poison in toothpaste

Boy’s swimming lessons started this morning. Note that I’ve spent much time trying to get him to float on his back and go underwater. For me…he’s not going to do it. No way, no how.

For an 18 year old lifeguard…absolutely. He was like Jacques Cousteau out there. “Today, we will visit ze bottom of ze pool…look at ze amazing tile, no?” I was really proud of him, he did well. I’ve promised him that once he passes his swimming lessons, we’ll let him go on the big water slides at our neighborhood pool, so I think there’s some motivation.

After swimming, we stopped to buy a birthday present for a neighbor child’s party this weekend, but we also picked up some games for us, for family game night. He’s outgrown candy land, so we got Yahtzee and Mousetrap. Naturally we had to set up the Mousetrap game as soon as we got home…because who doesn’t love Rube Goldberg devices?

Now, Boy wants to build bigger and better Goldbergs. Can anyone recommend a good resource for plans and whatnot?

In other news: If you are using toothpaste made in China, throw it away.

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