In which concerted efforts are made to find local food supplies

So, the recent China scares, plus the seriously evil fallout from Monsanto-type farming has got me investigating ways to “eat local” and “eat sustainable”. Fortunately, I live in an agricultural area, so it’s a lot easier than it might be if I lived somewhere like Alaska.

I’m probably going to join a CSA, which will require some work on my part, and I’m going to tag my friend Toni to teach me how to do canning and preserving, but I think I’m going to give it a shot.

I’ve found a local mill that grinds wheat and corn from local farmers, so…Yay! I may have to buy a pasta maker though, as I’m unlikely to do much pasta by hand. It’s a pain.

I’ve found a local dairy, although cheeses are going to be tricky, since I don’t much care for goat cheese, and that’s the primary cheese production around here. And I’m a sucker for French cheese and French wine. (And French bread…but I can make that myself.)

Speaking of Farmer’s Markets, today after swim class, Boy reminded me to go to the local Farmer’s Market. It’s run by the nicest old gent, who goes to the Dallas market in the wee hours and brings it all up to us. We got some amazing peaches from just south of Dallas, some new potatoes, some new corn and some gorgeous squashes. Dinner tonight will be yummy. His tomatoes looked really good too, but I still have some and I didn’t want them to go to waste.

As to meat, which I’m pretty much not eating very often, but still serve to the men because they’re Texans and could wither away without beef, I’ve found a local cattle ranch that raises organic range fed beef and lamb. I just need to get a deep freezer. Poultry is problematic, and with the news that Chinese fish is being raised in sewage and then treated with drugs that are causing antibiotic resistance, fish is problematic too, as it’s often difficult to find the country of origin.

Our veggies and fruits are coming in nicely, due to all the rain we’ve had. We’ve already harvested green beans twice, the bell peppers and tomatoes are getting big, and the melons and pumpkin vines have gone Jurassic on us. Seriously, the pumpkin we planted is now about 30 feet long and has leaves bigger than a serving platter. Hopefully we’ll actually see some gourds from it by fall. The watermelon and other melons are going insane too, we should have melons in a couple of weeks. Hooray for our Victory Garden. :)

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