In which appliances explode, murder is contemplated and the letter of the day is F.

So…I bought a Maytag Neptune washer and dryer. It has had more recalls and problems than any appliance with a comma in it’s price tag has any right to have. Most recently, I threw in a load, and went to the city pool for Boy’s swimming lessons. Came back and the load was dripping wet. Never a good sign. So…I turned the spin cycle on…and rather than sounding like a jet engine winding up, it gave a rather geriatric wheeze and settled down into soggy whumping.

Sigh. So, I call Maytag. They say they’d be glad to send a repairman, they can get one out to me in 3 weeks. Three weeks? THREE WEEKS?! Dude, I could be buried under preschooler garb in that time. They’d never find my body. The child changes clothes more often than Paris Hilton. And his outfits have more fabric. (And style, truth be told.) Three weeks? So, I called around local shops and found someone who is supposed to come out today between noon and two. It’s already 1, so I’m hoping the arrive soon. I need to get to the post office before they close to ship orders.

In the “things that make SpiderFarmer climb a clock tower with a loaded gun” category; I got a thing from my insurance company about my foot surgery in February. Apparently, despite having preapproved the surgery, the surgery center, the doctor, the drug guy, and the color of my hair…they decided that it was “out of network” and I owed 7k.

There was much screaming. There was swearing in multiple languages. Then there were some not-so-veiled threats. Then a little more screaming just because it’s good to stay in tune. I think I’ve got everything resolved, but I’m practicing my ululations, just in case.

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