In which Soap is made and Summer apologies are in order

Forbidden Fruit is back in stock! It’s cured, trimmed and waiting to be adored. Whoo! (Pomegranate, apple and spices…yum!)

Spicy Mint is also restocked. Yay. Just in time for summer allergy season. ;)

Today I’m making Spiced Orange Tea, and if I have time, Fire and Ice. But, considering that I’m wrangling repair guys for my stupid Maytag Neptune….gods what a waste of money that thing was…and due at a three year old’s birthday party with Boy and toys…Fire and Ice may not make it into production until tomorrow. Which is ok, that one is really more of a winter product anyway. It never seems to sell well in the summer, and I really could use the shelf space for other stuff. I’m running out of room to stock products as I keep adding to the line.

Which reminds me, I need to go put the body butters on hiatus until Fall. The temps here are starting to climb towards 100 degrees, and the butters will just melt into a gooey mess if I try to ship them. Nobody wants a box of goo. Well…almost nobody. Hee.

I’ve also gotten a ton of evaluation ingredients in from P&G, Dow, and Lambent, so gods and time willing, I’m going to try and perfect my liquid soap and I’ve been asked to help formulate a new mango butter moisturizer, so I’m pretty excited to go play with those. It’d be really cool to have one of my formulations listed in the big chemistry database of cosmetic products, but in order to do that, I have to be able to replicate the recipe over and over, and I have to have measurements that are so precise that I’m a little worried my equipment isn’t quite accurate enough…but I’m going to give it the old Girl Scout try.

I’ve figured out how to do discounts and coupons in my database. So, stay tuned for upcoming specials and seasonal sales. Yay! The only thing better than Soapy Hollow soap, is Soapy Hollow soap on sale. ;)

Sorry I haven’t been commenting much on f-blogs. I’m reading most everything, but I’m doing it in spurts. . I pulled Boy out of preschool for the summer. One, because I was really unhappy with where he was, and two, because kids deserve to have a summer break, even if it does cut into soapmaking and writing time. :) So, we’re going to the city pool every morning for his swimming lessons, then 3 or 4 times a week we go to our neighborhood pool, and once a week we have a field trip to a museum or a ranch or the Farmer’s Market, or whatever. And he’s given up on the whole nap concept, so I no longer have that 1-2 hours every day where I used to get things done. I’m not neglecting his academics though. Every day we have a new letter of the day, and he thinks up words that start with, or include, that letter, and I write the words in highlighter pen on one of those lined K-1st grade pads, and he practices his handwriting. He’s gotten so much better in just a couple of weeks of doing that. Then, we either try to write a story with those words, or I try to find a mythology story that resonates with the concepts. About 3x a week, we break out the paints and he paints pictures of the stories or the words. Yesterday, we read the Native American myth of how Spiderwoman sang the world into being, and he painted a really cool picture, then spent the rest of the day making up songs and telling me what he was creating with his song. He’s such a great kid.

Plus all the normal day to day activities that all of us share; keeping the chaos at bay and feeding the masses that congregate at our tables. But even when I’m too brain dead to comment, I am trying to keep abreast. So many of my friends do such amazing things that I’m often at a loss to say anything other than “Wow!” Which hardly seems like an intelligent contribution. :)

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