In which I play Lab Rat

So, I’m working on liquid soap concepts and one of the things I’m kind
of excited about is a base from Pilot Chemicals  It’s super environmentally friendly, in that it doesn’t screw up
the water tables and what not as it becomes part of the grey water
chain, it’s very low pH, the core ingredient list is pretty
acceptable…and thus it was with great eagerness that I received my
package of sample from them.

This is the core formulation I tried to use:

Ingredient Weight/percentage
D.I. Water Q.S. – 100% (I used 72)
Eco1 27.5
Glycerin (Kosher, Vegetable, from P&G) 5
Preservative/fragrance/additives Q.S.
Citric Acid To pH of 5.5
*(Where Q.S. is an abbreviation for L. quantum sufficiat or
satis, as much as suffices.)


The formulation should create a product with a viscosity of 10,000 c.p.,
which is a little thick, but I figured I could always up the water ratio. 
The formulation was going fabulously until I got to the fragrance part.  I
added essential oils and the molecular structure completely disintegrated. 
At first, I thought I was adding too much EO, but I was getting the same result
with as little as 3 drops EO to 1 oz formulation. 


So, I sent off an email to Pilot to ask if EOs were contraindicted by testing
they’d performed, or if  I was just doing something wrong.  I got a
call back from one of their chemists, who was the grooviest guy, and he walked
me through a formulation that *should* work.  Theoretically, adding 2%
sodium cloride (table salt) after the water phase, but before the Eco phase
should solve the molecular breakdown issue.  I’m hoping to have some free
time to work on it tomorrow. 

But, I grow nearer and nearer to the holy grail of aromatherapy,
environmentally low impact, liquid soap.  Whee!

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