In which we must build an ark

Jebus onna stick, the weather gods are making up for 5 years of drought by giving us five years worth of rain….all at once. It’s insane. We’ve got water coming in the house at one spot where the back door isn’t sealing because the threshold has warped. Tons of water. And before I noticed it, it destroyed the wood floor in the kitchen, which is now warping up off the foundation…and there’s not a damn thing I can do to fix it until the rains stop long enough for me to rip out the old threshold, put in a new one, and restrip the door. The floor is a complete loss, I’ll have to hire someone to fix that. I think I’m just going to rip the wood out and put in tile or something. I dunno.

The pond behind our house has risen about 6 feet and is now encroaching on the house. It’s about 10 feet away currently. Fortunately, we’re on a hill, so I don’t think the pond will actually get to the house itself, but I may lose the flower garden. The street running in front of our house has flooded, but we can still get out.

And despite this, Boy’s swimming classes are apparently not canceled. Because, I guess, Red Cross people are insane, I dunno. So…because Boy really wants his “graduation certificate” for swimming classes, we’re about to go brave the insane weather to go to the city pool. Which is much lower than our house…so, that should be interesting. And I’m in a walking cast…always a fun thing in the rain.

And our kitten is at the vet getting spayed, because she’s a shelter adoptee, and if we didn’t take her in today, they were going to issue a misdemeanor citation, because I missed her first spay appointment due to a clerical error on their part. (They gave me two dates, I picked the latter one because she was too tiny for them to do the surgery on the first date…only the second date wasn’t a spay day.)

Anyway, I need a canoe, I think. The SUV is all well and good, but if the water keeps rising, I may have to canoe for groceries.

Wish us luck as we venture out into the suburban outback!

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