Cooking in the shade of the Cedar

In reviewing ariandii’s gorgeous garden, and she and I got to talking about Lebanon and the yummy food of our ancestors….and coincidentally I just got a couple pounds of organic rose hydrosol in. I think this week I will be making rose syrup…and from there I shall be attempting the deserts of my Sittu.

I think I’ll attempt: Mahalibia – which is a rose custard with fresh fruit and topped with rose syrup. I may get really courageous and try to make Atayif too. It’s a crepes and creamy cheese with rose syrup thing, but I haven’t attempted crepes since Boy was born. I’m sure I still have the pan though.

I already had vegetarian stuffed grape leaves, cucumber/mint/yogurt salad, tabouli and hummus on the menu for this week…and I was going to venture once more into the abyss that is my failure with pita bread. So now, even if the pita fails again, at least I’ll have yummy dessert. Yay!

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