To hear, you only have to listen

Boy and I went to the Science Museum yesterday. After playing with the gravity well, running a maze, dipping into bubble vats, wandering through Doc Holiday’s dental surgery, planting and harvesting crops, milking a cow and playing chef in a cantina, we decided to catch the IMAX movie Sharks by Jean-Michel Cousteau and Jean-Jacques Mantello. It was amazing. I think it would have been amazing in any theatre, but it was astounding in IMAX.

Boy has never been to a movie theatre before, (as I have a pathological aversion to them), much less an IMAX. He was suitably awed, and a little frightened. We were up near the top, which gave him a little vertigo, and then once the movie started, he kept saying “Mommy, it feels like we’re moving!” He made me put my arm across his chair, like a roller coaster bar, and then he held on for dear life. So adorable.

Once the movie was over, there was no way were were getting out past the gift shop without shark accessories. Because he’s four…and I’m indulgent. :) We ended up with an entire ocean set that has sharks, dolphins, sea lions, jellyfish, and on and on and on, all of it in it’s own backpack. Of course, once in the gift store, he saw dinosaur stuff…so, some of that came home too. (I did mention the indulgence thing, right?)

As soon as we got home, we had to break into the backpack and take everything out. Much to Boy’s delight, the sharks were hollow rubber….so other sea creatures could fit inside them. A feeding frenzy ensued. Then there was an epic battle between jellyfish and sharks, with the dolphins riding…er, swimming in to save the day.

At one point, the tiger shark had the sea lion inside him, with just the sea lion head poking out, and I said “Oh, poor sea lion!” and Boy said “No, Mom, it’s ok…the sea lion is just wearing a shark suit!” Hysterical.

Then, after the jellyfish had stung everything into submission, he brought the dolphins out and was singing as he waved them over all the “dead” critters. I asked him what he was doing, and he said “Well, Dolphin songs can fix everything. Didn’t you know that?” When I said that I didn’t, he said “You just need to listen to them, then.”

Which, ya know…fair enough.

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