Soaping the Pirate Seas

So, I’ve just ordered some Pimento racemosa (Bay Rum) to experiment with. I’ve had a lot of requests for formulations that include it, and far be it from me to say no. :) I’ve had a lot of requests for a product similar to the discontinued Burt’s Bee Bay Rum soap. Actually enough people really liked that soap that I’m fairly surprised that BB discontinued it.

But their formulators were kind enough to share the core ingredients of the scent blend, although I’ll have to lab test to get percentages right…and to be honest, I think I may modify the blend to suit my tastes, which run a little to a little more bay rum and a little less patchouli, but it’s all theoretical until I get the oils into sniffie beakers and test.

The banana soap is curing up nicely. Great scent throw. The color is a little off. I’m running into that a lot with the most recent organic palm oil I’m using. Because it’s unbleached, it’s very, very yellow, and I’m having some issues with my titanium dioxide…so the colors aren’t quite what I want them to be. I may just have to up the palm kernel oil values up to try to brighten the soaps up a bit.

And now I must go finish up a giant custom order that’s due for delivery tomorrow.

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