Furious at Majestic Mountain Sage

I just have to vent here. I’m furious at Majestic Mountain Sage. Furious.

Last week I called them to make sure a fragrance oil for a customer was in stock. They assured me that it was. I placed the order, and added some extra little stuff in the order, like pipettes and whatnot.

I called the client, said that the oils were on the way, took her order, and based on that order, ordered a bunch of raw materials.

MMSage order arrived a few minutes ago. In the box are the things like pipettes…but no fragrance oil. On the invoice it says “Oil is out of stock and has been dropped from your order.” In other words “We totally lied to you 10 minutes before you placed the order, and it was way too much trouble to email you to tell you the oil was out of stock. Sucks to be you!”

Now, mind you…you can still place orders for that oil, as of right this second. It doesn’t show as out of stock. When I called and said “Hey? You said it was in stock, wth?” They said “Oh well, we’ll probably have some in the next week or so. Just keep ordering, and when the order isn’t canceled, you know it’s on the way.”

Unreal. I’ve always loved them before, and have chatted them up and recommended them to a lot of people…but as of right now, MMSage is so off my list of acceptable vendors.

I have no idea what to do about all the pipeline orders I’ve got that depended on this FO. If MMSage had just emailed me to tell me the FO was out of stock, I wouldn’t have wasted a week thinking it was on the way, and I might have been able to find a replacement, or called the client immediately…now I look like an idiot because I can’t deliver product because MMSage LIED to me when they took my credit card number and said they were shipping the product.

Furious. Just. Freaking. Furious!

Ok…venting over. Grr!

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