The Blue Tuna Cure

A few things are happening in the next few months that I really want to do:

Blue Man Group : How to be a Megastar Tour 2.0, American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX, Sun, Oct 7, 2007 07:30 PM (Tickets not on sale yet…no idea what they’ll cost.) Don’t care. Must go. Love them! Must start planning for babysitter now.

The Cure: Wed, 10/17/07 07:30 PM American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX – Much suck that this is on a Wednesday night, because come on, let’s face it, everyone who is a Cure Fan has a real freaking job…good lord guys, you and your fans are all near 40. (And you, Mr. Smith, are pushing 50.) You couldn’t give us a Friday? That said, I’ll probably still try to go. Presale Tix available now, if you have a code…which I don’t. Prices look to be $45-$65, plus parking. Anyone who wants to go, let me know, and perhaps we can buy a block of seats together. If nothing else, we’ll have fun throwing food to the gothlings, playing “Spot the Poseur” and muttering things like “In MY day, we knew better than to Manic Panic our hair on the day of the show!”

And for you Tuna Texas fans…and I know you’re out there, They Have A New Show! Wheeeeee! Bad news; it’s opening in Galveston in two weeks. You know what this means? Road Trip!

Or…we could wait until Date: Wed, Jan 02, 08 – Sun, Jan 06, 08 and see them at the Eisemann Center in Richardson. Update: Those dates are for Tuna Christmas. Still no luck finding dates for the new show “Tuna Does Vegas”

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