Soaping the Soap that is Soapy

Today’s batch list:

Orange Brulee – a cocoa butter/olive oil soap scented with Madagascar vanilla and sweet Seville orange essential oil and laced with orange jojoba microspheres.

Organic Lemongrass and Sage (with poppy seeds? I dunno about the seeds). I’m doing this one with organic palm, coconut and olive oils, and fair trade organic essential oils of Lemongrass and Clary Sage, in an infusion of lemongrass tea. This will be a new product for the line, but it’s something I’ve been making for spa clients for a while.

Blue Banana is taking longer to cure than expected. Probably one more week before they’re ready to be wrapped and shipped.

I really need to build some new drying racks. If I build one about 3×3 and make it 6 feet tall, I should be able to put a couple hundred bars at a time up to dry in one place, rather than having them scattered everywhere.

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