Monthly Archives: August 2007

Say Goodnight Gracie

Say Goodnight Gracie is live on Soapy Hollow. Slowly but surely, I’m adding the rest. Today I managed to blow up my entire website…but thank gods the guys at ServeLink are prepared for me…and were able to fix it in under an hour. Bless their technical hearts. I lurve them.

Just how good do I have to be for Santa to bring me this?

For the record, I did send him an email to ask what the reserve price *was*, but he never answered. Apparently, it was more than 15k…which, ya know…duh. This one is pretty sweet…and I had no idea the 63 was this groovy. But the odds of me buying a collector car without actually seeing it […]

Soaping the Soap that is Soapy

Boy started school yesterday. (I’ll have to post pictures of him in his uniform. So adorable!) Today I’m making soaps and other goodies for a sample basket of each of the new gift baskets so I can take pictures. Yay! The gargoyles are cooling, the AromaBeads are soaking in essential oils, I’m putting together my […]

Why did I ever teach him to read?

So…the plan was to go to the art museum. It’s cool there, you know. I mean, beyond the metaphorical, it’s actually temperate inside the building. Whereas outside, it is the burning sands of hell. Seriously, it’s 500 degrees. Rubber melts, babies cry, it’s freaking August in Texas. But you see, Boy can read. And we […]

Where my Dallas people at?

Hey, anyone up for meeting at the DMA tomorrow? It’s the last day before school starts and Boy and I are going to go explore some new exhibits.