Soaping the Soap that is Soapy

Today, while I wait to hear from my dog’s radiologist, I’m keeping my hands busy by making tons of shaped glycerins.

  • In strawberry shaped molds we have – Strawberry Cheesecake
  • In wedge shaped molds we have – Ginger Peach
  • In bottle shaped molds we have – Pirate Bay (which smells *so* good.)
  • Hearts = Chamomile/Bergamot
  • Stars = Kiwi
  • Ducks = Vanilla Pear
  • Sea Shells = Neroli
  • Cute bears = Honeysuckle

These are all small, guest-sized soaps. I may bundle them up into packs for sale, or I may just use them as samples in order boxes. I dunno. I needed to test the molds to see if they’ll hold up to the temps.

Boy is helping. He’s so cute. Says he wants to finish school, then take over the business so I can retire to Vancouver. Such a cutie.

I’m also going to be attempting to make Body Caviar today. Notes on that formulation:

Caviar: Anhydrous formulation – Original formulation includes

Ingredient  Wt. % Trade Name/Supplier
Phase A
Bis-Hydroxyethoxypropyl Dimethicone 54 Dow CorningĀ® 5562 Carbinol Fluid
Dimethicone (and) Trisoloxane 22.5 Dow CorningĀ® 2-1184 Fluid
Fragrance 13.5
Solution of hydrophobic dye in Dow Corning 5562 Carbinol Fluid q.s.
Phase B
Silica Silylate Dow CorningĀ® VM
1. Mix ingredients of phase A together.
2. Add Phase B to phase A and let the beads absorb phase A by gently rotating the beaker. Work with caution to avoid crunching the beads.

Untested Variations:
Replace Phase A ingredients with natural oils. Going to try jojoba first.  If that doesn’t work, try Cherry, then almond. If still getting bead dissolution, try a stiffer butter oil such as shea or cocoa.  Note that moving to stiffer oils will require readjustment for coloration and fragrance.

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