Gift “baskets”

So, I’m designing new gift sets, and I’m having the most difficult time trying to figure out how to package them. I’ve spent 3 days just going over different box and bag sites. The thing is, that I have a really limited amount of space, and so it just doesn’t seem to make sense to get a different kind of packaging for each set.

So, I’m thinking about going with an big ol organza bag that has ribbon drawstrings. Everything will fit inside, it’ll ship really well, and it’ll look great coming out of the box. Where as gift boxes are going to get all jostled around, things will fall out, I just don’t think they’ll ship very well unless I shrink-wrap the entire basket…which I can do, but I hate having to create that much non-biodegradable waste. It sort of defeats the purpose of using organic and fair trade ingredients if I turn around and use a ton of petroleum products to wrap everything.

Plus, with organza bags, the big ol microbe stuffies will show through, and they are so adorable, I want everyone to see those as soon as they see the gift set.

So, yeah…I think I’ve convinced myself to go with fabric bags. Can anyone think of reasons why that would be a bad idea?

In other news, I went to the Friends of the Library meeting yesterday and joined up. I joined at the business level because I figure they could use the extra cash. ;) There was much chatter, I’d forgotten how meetings tend to go. But, I got some idea of how the Library Board is going to approach the city council, and an idea on how the FotL is going to approach the council, so it makes it easier for me to write out and practice my presentation. (I need to practice because 3-4 minutes is not much time, especially if you’re me. Hee.)

Boy has also stated a desire to speak to the city council because as he says “I’m not letting them take away my library!” I think it’s a great idea. I dare those philistines to look into the eyes of my child and tell him that library programs are less important than tax breaks for millionaires.

Speaking of which, I need to go call the mayor and some council people. Poor things, I’m sure when they ran for office, they never counted on me getting all Don Quixote at their windmills. ;)

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