Soaping the Soap that is Soapy

Made a bunch of Fire and Ice today. Also some Rice Flower, Fig, and Nag Champa. Kitchen smells yummy!

Banana Soap and Lemongrass/Sage are ready, but I’m just not terribly happy with the way the color turned out with the banana. I’m also not happy with the color of the last batch of Orange Brulee. The organic olive, palm oil and castor oils that I’m using are really muddying up the colors. I really love using all organic oils, but I’m not sure I can live with soaps that are all going to turn a variation of olive green.

Hrm. So, I’m thinking that I may put the batches where the colors or swirls didn’t come out right on sale. The soaps themselves are magnificent, the scents are amazing, the lather is good and solid, I’m just not happy with the colors.

I’m so picky about my soaps.

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