Riding the Jade Dragon

Lemongrass Sage is now on the site under traditional bars, and Pirate Bay is now available in a glycerin. Arrrr!

I just got coin molds, and have poured 4 trays worth of Bath Booty. (Hee…get it..Pirate Bay + Coins…Bath Booty…I slay me.)

Was going to play around some more, then realized I’d gotten a big ol order in. Someone ordered the Jade Dragons! I love making the Jade Dragons! I never get to make the Jade Dragons! Yay, Dragons! Now I just have to find the knife that cuts the Jade Dragons. The reason I only sell those in sets of 8 is that it’s a big ol tray, and to pour one, you have to pour them all. And I have a special knife for cutting them…but I don’t know where I put it when I re-orged the studio.

If you were a 14″ cleaver, where would you be? (No, it’s not there. Yes, I heard you think that. Agreed, it’s a good place, but no, it’s not there.)

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