Bugs! Get your diseases here!

My microbes have arrived. And chests, and ducky pirates, and puzzles, and new oils and flavors for making massage oils and edible body glitter….and all kinds of good stuff for making the new gift baskets. Hooray!

I’m still waiting for the giant organza bags that everything goes in, but when they arrive, I’ll start putting stuff together for pictures.

So; here’s the contents of new baskets I’ll be introducing (I think. Feel free to suggest more or other stuff):

Get Well Soon: Cold Microbe, Spicy Mint Soap, Good Morning Sunshine soap, Menthol Aroma Beads, antibacterial lotion in Ring around the Rosie, selection of Stash brand teas.

Bag of Black Death: (Perfect for people who are exposed to germ carriers…like teachers.) Black Death Microbe, Two Gargoyle soaps in Ring Around the Rosie, antibacterial lotion in Ring around the Rosie, and a bottle of RatR essential oil blend.

Say Goodnight Gracie: Sleeping Sickness microbe, Sachet of Lavender Buds, Lavender soaps, and a bottle of Lullaby Essential oil blend.

Brainiac: Brain cell microbe (how adorable is that?), Sudoko rubix cube , wooden pocket puzzle, Wake Up Soap and a bottle of Energize essential oil.

Come Together: Mono Microbe, Aphrodisiac essential oil blend in Bath salts (for a nice soak together), fractionated coconut oil for massage, edible body glitter for decorations, and a refreshing scrub to get it all off afters.

Bath Booty (aaaar!): Black Pirate chest filled with Pirate Bay golden skull and crossbones soap and Pirate Duckie Guardians. It’s a manly gift! Aaar!

Pick Your Loot Pick a microbe, pick some other stuff, get it all wrapped up and add a gift card.

I may also just carry the microbes by themselves on the site. I really wanted to figure out something to do with the flesh eating microbe and the ebola microbe…but darned if I could figure out a basket for them. I may just carry them by themselves. They are the cute.

I’m still figuring out pricing, but I think the baskets will range from around $20 to around $50. I think they’re going to be super groovy, and hopefully they’ll be a big hit, and I can think of new and interesting ways to add more microbes and baskets to the site.

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