Germ infested Star Wars Geeks

So, Boy started school last week, and he made it a whole 4 days before becoming crazy sick. So, here’s the uniform of the school I’m paying thousands of dollars for him *not* to attend. (Sigh.)

He’s adorable, no?

So, while at home, he’s pestered us constantly to be allowed to play Jumpstart Explorer on the computer. Which, I mean, fine…it’s a really good piece of educational software, and he’s whipped through the content in zero time…and I don’t really have a problem with him playing it every once in a while. But…I’m not going to let him turn into a computer zombie at 4, so his time with the computer, like his time with the TV, is pretty limited. (He can have all the book time he wants. Hee.)

We’ve had a couple of incidents where he says “I’m going upstairs to play in my room.”, and we tell him; “OK, don’t go into Daddy’s office. Do not turn on the computer. Do not play with the computer unless one of us is up there.” To which he responds “OK. Got it. No computer. Fine.”

And then, as soon as he thinks we’re not watching/listening, he’ll sneak through the bathrooms that adjoin the two rooms, and close the door to the office (very quietly), power on the system, get through the login screens, and load up his game. (Because he’s not a stupid child. He is, however, a SNEAKY child.) (I blame Man, for we all know that I’m am guileless and would never, never, never sneak behind my parent’s back to do anything. Just ignore my mother, she’s making those stories up!)

So, I hear the door close, and I know what he’s doing…so I call him. No answer. I call again. No answer. I stealth up the stairs, and pad over to Man’s office door. I open the door, and I say “Hey, whatcha doing?”

He looked right at me and did that Star Wars wiping hand motion and said (I swear to god), “I am not the Boy you are looking for.”

I lost it. I laughed for ten minutes. I mean, I still unplugged the computer, and told him he was grounded from it for X period of time…but dayum, I laughed.

The force is indeed strong in this one. ;)

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