Isn’t it ironic

Remember that annoying song in the 90’s where the singer listed a million things and said “isn’t it ironic”, only none of them were?

Here’s irony for you: I’m a soapmaker, I wash my hands easily 2 dozen times a day, and I was trying to work on photographing the “Get Well” basket…and yet as of this moment, I have a fever over 103, and am dizzy when I try to stand up, and taking a sip of water makes me want to cry because my throat hurts so much.

See…that’s ironic.

A note…a fever that high on me isn’t as scary as it sounds, I just have an efficient furnace. The dizzy thing sucks though, I just had to call Dear Husband and ask him to go get Boy, I’m positive that I shouldn’t try to drive.

Speaking of Boy; he’s fine. The whole running around to the lab and the hospital and all that was totally unnecessary…but ya know, when it *can* be something fatal, it’s probably best to run all the diagnostics anyway.

And now, I’m returning to bed, for soon Boy and Man will be home. I’m going to get all the rest I can before I need to figure out something for dinner.

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