Body Glitter and other things that shine in the night

I was making a test run of the edible glitter butter for the “Come Together” gift set, and I’ve decided to reformulate it, so I’ve got about 10 test batches of different formulations cooling in the fridge. I think I’m going to go with cocoa butter, shea butter and honey as the main ingredients, but I’m really concerned about how well they’d ship in extreme temps.

So, I may delete that product from the basket, and use the adorable containers I got to make a special edition winter lip balm. Yum!

I was going to shoot product pictures today, but I use natural light as well as the positioned lights to get true colors, and it’s pretty darned overcast, so I may not be able to get any good shots.

Mouth hurts from the spacers they put in a couple of days ago in prep for the braces going on tomorrow. If the spacers are making me cranky, I have a feeling I just signed up for a long, long two years, cause the braces have to be worse than the spacers. I’ve had virtually no real food in days, so the upside of the braces is that by the time they’re ready to come off, I’ll be waif thin and have straight teeth. I’ll be like a trophy wife…only ya know, articulate and capable of reading complex sentences without the aid of my index finger. Heh.

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