Better living through chemistry

I have so much Soapy Hollow work to do…and yet, what am I doing? I’m re-upholstering my dining room chairs. By which I mean, I have disassembled them, and am making, then attaching new covers to the padded part. Then hopefully reassemble them.

Why am I doing this? Two reasons.

One, because before I had Boy, I had white seats in a cherry modern set. Now with Boy…the seats…they are not so much white. They are, in fact, a rather putrid shade of horrid. Thus, I’m covering them with a deep wine cotton that can be taken off, tossed in the washer, ironed and put back on. The trick is taking the seats apart, so that when it’s recovered, it looks like it came from the factory. Anyway, reason one…I could not possibly look at shoe prints on my furniture for one more day.

Reason two: Painkillers. God love em. I haven’t eaten much of anything in almost a week, my mouth feels like a clive barker fiction gone horribly wrong, I’ve already lost one bracket, and I can’t get it fixed until the middle of next week…and yet, I think I’ll probably survive.

Now, the furniture…that’s anyone’s guess…

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