Braces SUCK, but Arabic food rocks!

They do. They just do. I’ve had them for a week now, and I can officially say that they suck. In big, bad, painful ways. Clive Barker, at his most disturbing, wouldn’t have created a scenario where your mouth was filled with razor blades. And yet orthodontists do it every day. To kids! Won’t somebody please think about the children?

Ok, screw the damn kids…won’t someone think about me? I’m starving here. I’m withering away to a mere wisp of my former self. (Ok…that part probably isn’t true. I mean, I’d have to do A LOT of withering to hit wisp state. But for the sake of drama, I’m wasting away to nothingness.)

I’m starved, I’m PMSing, I have a migraine coming on, and apparently, it is in bad form to start the morning with a Manhattan. Lucky to be alive, though. ;)

On the plus side, I’m having some dear friends from a lifetime ago coming to dinner tomorrow night. I love running in to friends from decades ago, especially when the comfort level is such that you can kind of pick up where you were. So, I’m planning a massive Arabic dinner in honor of seeing them. I’m making:

Warak Areesh (stuffed grapeleaves with meat)- which I should probably make today.
Fatayer bi sabanekh (spinach pies)
Kibbeh: A ground lamb/beef dish with burghul and spices. My fave. (two kinds: kibbeh saneeyeh – baked with pine nut filling, and Nayee – raw…but only for me and a little bit for Man. Almost nobody else ever wants to eat raw meat. It’s an acquired taste, I think.)
Tabouli: Burghul salad with tomatoes, mint and other spices and herbs
Khyar bi laban: Cucumber and yogurt salad with mint and dill.

Baklava, Mammouls (fig cookies), and Dates stuffed with pistachio halawa (a sesame sweet paste.)

I also got a bottle of orange blossom syrup and will be making pitchers of sparkling orange blossom drinks, and maybe if I get super ambitious, I’ll make Arabic coffee…but by the end of the day, I may be too tired to spend half an hour making 4 cups of coffee. ;)

The best part…everything but the cucumbers is squishy enough that I think I can eat it…so…Yay!

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