Soaping the Soap that is Soapy

This week I’ve made more Lemongrass Sage (on sale, btw, at, Fig, and Pearberry.  I’ve just now put a big batch of Sandalwood Vanilla into the molds.  I need to gear up for Xmas shopping, so sometime in the next week I’ll probably do Three Kings soap (Frankincense, Myrrh and gold mica) and Babylonia (Frankincense, Rose of Sharon, Spikenard, Cedar, Myrhh, Hyssop, Cinnamon, Cassia, Calamus, Aloes, Sandalwood, and Styrax).  Although perhaps I’ll drop the Three Kings and just do Babylonia.  I dunno.  I’m not a huge fan of just Frankincense and Myrrh by themselves.  The blend just seems too harsh.  Not enough mellow notes.  I think maybe I’ll use the Babylonia EO blend and call it Wise Men or something. 

There are a ton of people who are imitating my Three Kings soap, except they’re doing it with cheap fragrance oils, rather than using the actual essential oils and resins…and it seems to be cheapening the brand.  Since I’m one of the only people in the industry who’s got the middle eastern connections for the oils I use in Babylonia, I’m tempted to just do that, since it can’t be imitated.  At least, it can’t be done cheaply.  There are no synthetic versions of a lot of those resins. 

I dunno.  Three Kings does sell well.  I can’t decide if I want to do both or not.  The problem with doing Three Kings by itself is that if it doesn’t sell out by January, I’m kinda stuck with it.  I’m sure the shelter would love to get it, as they seem to love when I give them boxes of soap, but my goodness, it’s such an expensive soap to make that I hate to have to remainder any.  Whereas Babylonia I can sell after the holidays.  And I’m really starting to run out of space, so I may have to eliminate some product lines, just so I’ve got enough storage for everything. I just can’t make up my mind…     Have you any opinions?

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