Soaping the Soap that is Soapy

I’ve tweaked my frankincense and myrrh blend. I’ve added a hint of vanilla and a touch of sweet orange. It’s amazingly good. Whee!

So, that’s what I’m making today. Since the resins tend to make the soap turn anywhere from tan to dark brown, and vanilla always makes things turn brown, I’ve decided to try something a little different. Rather than adding scent to the entire batch, I’m going to wait until I get light trace, then pull out about 1/4 of the batch. To that batch, I’m going to add the gold mica. Then, depending on consistency, I’ll either swirl that back into the main batch, or I may pour it as a layered soap, and just layer the gold on top of the F&M. Either way will look really pretty I think, and I just want to make sure that the gold shows. Whee!

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