Hee Hee! The final pieces fall into place!

I’ve found the final components of my halloween costume. Hooray.

Polka dot dress – check (Scarily…from my actual wardrobe and not a costume)
Matching shoes – check (Erm, yeah…those too. Actual wardrobe. I’m weird.)
Red wig – check
Groucho Marx nose/glasses – check
Basket of “jewels” – check (well…still at the craft store, but it’s not like those are hard to find.)

Red lipstick – check

So now, I’m fully prepared to be: Lucy – in Disguise – With Diamonds.

Bhwhahahahahahah! Gods, I adore a bad pun. :) It’s so good that I amuse myself, for I know everyone else thinks I’m mad. Mad. They all said I was mad! I’ll show them. Mwhahahahaha! Erm, sorry….

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