Monthly Archives: October 2007

It’s all fun until someone put vipers in the ball pit…

It’s busy, busy, busy here today. Ton of EO sample orders…all out of nowhere…very strange, but Yay! Also some custom soaps and some formulations to help a friend’s baby who has excema. (Poor little angel!) The weekend was a blast. Met up with bookpixie, her husband and her adorable children on Saturday. We had a […]

I think I’m getting paranoid in my old age…

Today, when Boy and I were coming home, I noticed a car follow us into the neighborhood. (Because I’m a paranoid freak ever since my stalker tried to kill me.) Anyway, I noticed this car, and its rather large, sort of scary occupants. It made every turn I made, which is really freaking strange as […]


LOLCODE is an humorous esoteric programming language heavily inspired by structures found in many common programing languages, as modified to be expressed via common terms, stylings and informal spellings found in Internet memes (primarily lolcats) and the communication style found in internet slang, instant messenger chat, and cellphone text messaging (”TXT”), rather than the numerically-based […]

Pumpkins and the Curse of the South

So…we carved pumpkins last weekend. Apparently, because I’m an idiot. See, pumpkins do this amazing thing…mold. Oh yes, yes they do. Mold in no uncertain terms. Mold like a 7th grade gym sock. Mold. Green, scary mold with white tendrils reaching out to capture anything near it. So…on one hand, I have some REALLY scary […]

What’s that on your scrubs?

This week, I’m mostly working on product development. I’m trying to perfect a liquid soap that is both natural and pretty…harder than one might think. Hence the reason all commercial liquid “soaps” aren’t really soaps, they’re detergent based on sodium laurel sulfates. As to getting a transparent liquid…there I’ve had no luck at all. But […]