Waves on the duck pond

So…it’s been a week. One of those weeks that lasted a month. ;) I popped myself in the mouth with a car door, and snapped some brackets, and apparently fractured a filling. So, that had to be fixed. If I spend any more time at my dentist’s office, I may start drawing a salary.

Boy was really miserable in kindergarten, and his teacher was full bore insane, so I’ve pulled him out and put him back in a preK program with kids his own age. We can work on enriched academics here, there’s no reason to push him and make him hate school before he even turns 5. Seriously, this teacher would assign an hour or two hours of homework EVERY night. And a significant amount of the homework wasn’t work kids could do, it was homework for the parents. For example, they were supposed to create a poster with safety rules. Boy did his own, he wrote “don’t cross the street without your parents” all by himself, and then did the universal “no” sign (circle with a line through it). It wasn’t pretty…but he did it all by himself. We got to school, and every single other kid had these massive, high school quality posters. Of the kids I asked, not a single one of them knew what their poster was about. The parents had done all of them and handed them to the kids on the way in the door. Insane! Then the teacher said that Boy would get a demerit because his “wasn’t good enough”.

Yeah…listen to me, you insane Benedictine Hun…that’s not going to happen. You will not punish my child because he’s the ONLY one who did his own homework. You, my dear lady, can bite me. So, I pulled Boy out of class, and we went to the library for story time, had lunch at a restaurant, and then went home and made Halloween goodies. Demerit this, bitch.

On the weekend, things looked up. Boy went with one of my best friends and her daughter for an all day and evening play date. Which meant Man and I got to have Date Night! Whooo!

We had dinner at some terribly trendy little place. You know it’s trendy when you only get 2 green beans and an artistically placed carrot strip with your $30 steak. Sheesh. Silly place. The wine list was outstanding though, so there’s that. After dinner, we went to see Blue Man Group’s latest tour: “How to be a Megastar 2.0″. It was pretty groovy. Not quite as funny as the last tour, and a lot more musical, but good fun nonetheless. Plus, date night. So…that was groovy.

And then today, as I was going to batch soap, I fired up my new, rather expensive, scale…and it doesn’t work. (Bugger!) Nothing I’ve done will make it work. The manufacturer doesn’t answer their phones, they have this convoluted voice mail process that takes 20 minutes to just leave a message. The seller hasn’t responded to my email. I have a feeling I’m going to have to get PayPal involved to get my money back…and in the meantime, I’m still without a good 15 pound scale. And my small scale got essential oil in the readout section…so…it’s not all that useful at the moment either. Sigh.

Crazy. It’s just crazy.

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