Soaping the Soap that is Soapy

Today, I’m batching a ton of Honeysuckle Bears. (I’ll have to get a picture, they’re adorable!) They’re going in the Promo kits that are being sent out at the end of the month. For the promo I’m doing a 1.5″ cube of Pumpkin soap, wrapped like a candy in green tissue, a honeysuckle bear, a small spritzer of Babylonia, a description card, a business card, and a discount card. All of it will be wrapped in a champagne fabric bag with green shred, and tied with ribbons and a hand cast ceramic flower. I think they’ll make a really great impression. It’s going out to a bunch of decision makers in the cosmetics industry, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that it could lead to some new big accounts. (hope, hope, hope)

In other news, Boy started his dance classes yesterday, and he LOVED it. Loved it. It’s sort of a combo class, they do some ballet, some tap, some jazz and some tumbling. He excelled at the tumbling, and did his best to follow along with the choreography that the other kids already knew. Bless his heart. He picked out some really cute jazz shoes that he’ll be wearing in lieu of ballet slippers, and we still need to get him some tap shoes. (A thing which I and my hardwood floors are dreading. Heh.) I was pretty surprised that he picked dance out of all the options I offered him for activities, but who knows…he could be the next Baryshnikov.

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