Doris Lessing Wins Nobel Prize

I heard the news this morning on NPR, and it made me a little weepy. She’s such an amazing writer, and as the Nobel is given to celebrate an author’s entire body of work, this prize seems so well deserved.

Here are excerpts from the citation for the award.

There have been controversies in the past about this award, as the last couple of award recipients have been very political, and with a much smaller body of work than is normally considered. But this award? This is spot on. Doris Lessing is one of the most important fiction writers in the last century. Her grasp of human relations, her descriptive emotive power, her willingness to breach the literary world’s condemnation of science fiction as “real” writing, her skepticism, her logical feminism, and her voice all make her one of those most deserving authors I could have imagined.

Yay, Doris! Go, you!

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