To Do:

So, I’m trying to get a handle on my house. I’ve neglected it for too long, and it’s just starting to become scary. There could be squatters under my couch and I wouldn’t know unless they left cheeto dust. (Like I allow crap snacks in my house.)

I mean, it’s not so bad that condemnation notices are in the works, but I’ve got to start following an organized system of task management. I’m just one of those people that works better when I can check things off a list. I’m Type-A enough that it’s a validation when I can say “Yep, I done did that there thing!”

So, I think I’m going to buy the Motivated Mom day planner. She has a couple of different versions, both biblical and not…and I think we can assume I’ll be skipping the Genesis version, but for $7.00 it seems like a heck of a bargain, if only to get me in the good habits of doing a few things each day, which cumulatively create order out of disaster.

But in the meantime; I’ve decided to tackle some of the serious disorder in the house. Behind the cut is my to do list, which I can’t imagine interests anyone but me…and possibly my husband who will owe me a backrub. ;)

Friday’s To Do: 

Upstairs Bathroom: 

  • Make/Fill cleaning bucket of tools to take up
  • Clean/disinfect potty
  • empty trash
  • clean counters
  • get paint spots/speckles off the floor
  • sweep floor
  • mop floor
  • clean sink
  • clean bathtub
  • clean extraneous junk (soap dishes, toothbrush holders,
  • polish fixtures
  • clean doors, door jambs, and moldings
  • wash baseboards
  • clean mirror
  • take rugs outside for a good beating, except ducky, which needs

Upstairs – Boy’s Room

  • Change sheets
  • gather laundry/put his empty laundry basket back (quit taking that
    downstairs, that’s how we end up with undies and socks all over the place)
  • empty garbage
  • clear too small clothes out of drawers
  • start charity box
  • put clean clothes away
  • Put  big baby quilts in charity box
  • Find boxes big enough to start clearing out toys for charity.  Child
    practically has an entire FAO Schwartz store scattered all over the house.
    Anything he hasn’t played with in a quarter can go without him even noticing
    it’s gone. 
  • Bring dirty clothes down
  • Bring cleaning tools down to do other rooms

Upstairs – Other

  • Throw up hands and vow to deal with it this weekend


Dining Room:

  • Dust dining room
  • Water Jungle
  • Clear the guy’s breakfast plates
  • Wipe down placemats
  • clear table of strange, non-dining room stuff (I mean, how many rubber
    mice do I really need on the table?)
  • Check to see if soaps on buffet are ready to be stored in studio
  • Move soaps from table to buffet if space is cleared

Guest Bathroom:

  • Clean sink in guest bathroom
  • Clean potty in guest bathroom
  • clean mirror in guest bathroom
  • dust guest bathroom


  • Hand wash stuff on counter
  • Clean dishwasher front
  • Polish counters with treatment solution to try and fix the essential oils
  • Put clean dishes away
  • Reload dishwasher with breakfast stuff
  • Figure out something for dinner, defrost as necessary
  • Clean out fridge


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