What did I make today?

Today I finished wrapping all the promo soaps, and made, filled and labeled 50 tiny spritzer bottles with an astounding essential oil blend emulsied with a small amount of perfumer’s alcohol. (Else the oil clogs the spritz mechanism.)
Tomorrow I should be able to get the bags all put together, and hopefully shipped out first thing Monday morning. I need to remember to create one really great goodie bag for the fabu chick who is repping my products to all these potential new clients. She’s been fantastic.

And…I found out that another one of my fave artists is willing to trade me art/books/etc for soap. I’m goign to have the most eclectic fantastic art collection in the history of collectors. Sure, I may not have Monet, but damn it, I’ve got Clive Barkers, James O’Barr, handwritten poems from Neil Gaiman, a signed bristol board of a Doonesbury strip that I really wanted, and bunches of goodies from art gallery owners. Yay! Of course, I can’t put a lot of what I own on the walls, because Boy is way too young for me to explain things like Clive Barker…but some day, some day, I’m goign to break out all of my tubes of art. The place is going to look like a comics museum. Hee.

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