What did I make today?

Lotion. Shea butter, first press cherry oil and evening primrose are the big players in this blend. Yum! Making lotion is so much easier with a planetary mixer. How I survived without one for the soap studio is a mystery. I have a pro level KitchenAid for the kitchen, but there was zero chance I was going to put that one to work in the studio. But last year one of my friends donated an extra KitchenAid for the studio…and my goodness it’s made things so much easier when I’m doing lotions and frozen soap.

Which reminds me, must find the cake decorating tools and do some frozen soap, I see a soap “gingerbread house” in my future.

Boy has been home sick all week, which has really slowed down production on soap stuff, but has increased the amount of Halloween “crafty” things that got done, so there’s that. We’ve just finished putting up a small graveyard in the front yard, and hanging spider egg sacks that we made, and putting cobwebs on the tree by the graveyard. It’s sorta kinda like spooky…only not so much. ;) We need a lot more decorations before the day arrives. And lights. The graveyard needs lights. And someone rising from the ground to grab children’s ankles. Yeah…

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